Halo 3 characters have tremendous costumes comprised of several pieces and accessories. This makes them really exciting costumes to consider and very interesting projects to create as Halo 3 DIY costumes.

Halo 3 characters are considered superhero-like although they are not really superheros. But because lots deem them as such, they seem to fall into that category.

Master Chief, Arbiter and Cortana are Halo 3 characters that will certainly be first and foremost in people’s minds and at the top of many lists as the costume of choice. They are a lot of fun to consider as DIY projects to have.

To make your own Halo 3 DIY costumes, the materials you’ll need to have on hand will begin with a collection of cardboard or other hard paper from the art store or recycled cardboard. As well, get some fiberglass, plastic piping, a replica toy gun and the tools to put it all together and to add unique finishing touches. You will require cutting tools and self-healing cutting board, metal ruler, scissors, duct-tape, glue and spray paint. You’ll also need velcro tabs to secure the helmet to your costume so it doesn’t slip around. A large sheet of plastic is also a good idea for protecting your work area. Work on your project preferably in a well ventilated room or open area.

If you can find an old motor-cross style helmet or car-racing helmet, that’s an easy option to fix up for your character’s helmet. It just takes a little creativity and a few adjustments. It’ll be hot to wear indoors for long periods but you can always take a breather.

Begin with the Halo 3 helmet using the motor-cross type cycling helmet, car racing helmet, if you can get your hands on one, or a motorcycle helmet as a model. Place tracing paper over it and outline the curves and shapes then transfer the outline to your cardboard. Apply pieces of fiberglass where needed to build out your helmet. You’ll virtually be recreating the helmet to fit your own head so keep fitting it as you work to make sure it’s not going to be too small or get pinched down as you work. You want a perfect fit with breathing room.

Once you have it all taped or glued together it’s time to spray it with the helmet paint. You’ll need a couple of coats of paint so be sure to let each one dry before applying the next coat. While it’s drying you can start working on the next project.

For your Halo 3 DIY costumes, you will want to spray any toy guns or rifles that you have made using a plastic toy gun, cardboard, pieces of fiberglass and pvc piping.

Next, begin outlining the shape of the glove armour on the tracing paper or even right onto the cardboard. Adhere the fiberglass to the cardboard shape using a hot glue gun. Apply long velcro strips for attaching the gloves.

Make the knee pads and lower leg armor in much the same manner as you did for making the gloves and likewise, glue on velcro strips for attaching the knee pads and holding them in place.

To give a realistic appearance to the costume, stick some fiberglass fabric to the cardboard. Use your glue gun for this and be sure to smooth out the fabric and hold it down with something heavy like a piece of board to keep it stuck to the cardboard while drying.

To build out the padded areas of the costume you need fiberglass resin. Only work with this in a well ventilated area. The use of a proper mask and filter is also recommended so you don’t breathe in toxins.

It can be a challenging project to make your own DIY Halo 3 costumes, especially if you haven’t made anything like this before now, but if you have lots of creative juices and ideas, it’s really not that difficult to make anything from a simple costume to a more elaborate, complex one. There are lots of interesting accessories and final touches you can add too.

Making this costume can be a really fun family project especially if you start making it well in advance of halloween. It’s also a great project for those who are particularly creative and love the satisfaction of seeing a project through to the end. You will be certain to receive lots and lots of compliments.

However,  if you’re someone who wants to eliminate all stress around halloween and just enjoy the fun, you can easily put your Halo 3 DIY costumes project aside for another time and check out the internet for some ready to wear costumes.

Superhero DIY costumes can be a lot of fun to create. For children and adults alike, making your own costume is an event that the whole family can participate in and enjoy from gathering the materials to adding unique ideas and creativity for producing the exciting, finished product.

Halloween is one of the most anticipated and celebrated activities in the year and you can expect that people will not only try to outdo their costume and efforts from the previous year, they will also try to outdo each other. This makes up part of the competitive fun for this time of year and the exciting event.

Although not really superheros as such, some Halo 3 characters are still considered heros by many and the costumes have several pieces to make it an interesting project.

The Halo group has produced a number of characters that you will find fascinating. They have captured the attention of collectors of all sorts, including toy and game collectors and those who are not only searching for Superhero DIY costumes to wear this season, but also costumes to treasure and hold onto so they can be worn in subsequent years, at a variety of parties and not just at Halloween.

There are a variety of characters to select from for your Superhero DIY costumes, including the intriguing Avery Johnson and Gravemind characters, Arbiter, Cortana and Master Chief.

Lots of ready made Halo 3 costumes can be found in a variety of online stores and that’s the easiest way to go. You will have your costume delivered within a few short days of purchasing it. All you have to do is add any final touches, to make your costume particularly unique, as you prepare to be the prize winner of the best costume at your parties. The beauty is that when there’s not much work to do, like just adding a few unique touches, there’s no stress involved. You can relax and just plan to have a great time.

Purchased costumes are really very authentic-looking and are easily recognized, as the character you want to portray, by everyone who has become an admirer of Halo 3. There are lots of ready-to-wear Halo 3 costumes in various online shops and getting them there is highly recommended.

However, for those who are wanting to be really creative, a huge part of the fun of halloween is the excitement of making their own costume. You may just be one of those people. Making your own Halo 3 costume will take time and effort and is not for the weak of heart, so it’s a good plan to get started well ahead if this is the way you want to go. Building your superhero DIY costume is going to take time and patience in order to do a great job and for it to look complete.

Choose the popular Halo 3 character in the series that you want to portray. You can choose from Master Chief, Spartan 117 or X-box 360 Game Hero. You’ll see lots of different images around on the internet; print them off and tape them up in your work area so you can easily refer to them as you work on making your costume. Then, make your plan for producing your superhero DIY costume, closely follow the time plan you’ve outlined and you will be amazed at what you can produce!

Wonder WomanSuperheroes are the heroes dedicated to fighting crime in order to protect mankind, the planet and the Universe. They have superhuman powers of superior strength and the ability to change light. Both of which are often needed to combat the super-villains.       

Female superheroes began to emerge in the 1940s 

The Red Tornado, also known as Mathilda “Ma” Hunkel was one of the very first female superheroes and was definitely the first female to become a member of the Justice Society of America. This was a famous all male society, so it was a considerable achievement for her to move up the ranks with all the male superheroes.  

However, she wasn’t invited to their first meeting that formed the Justice Society of America but she was determined not to be left out. So, she climbed through a window and crashed the meeting. “Ma” didn’t participate in a Justice Society case but because she was present at the meeting, that was enough for her to be granted membership, making her the first female member. Wonder Woman was the second female member. 

In 1939 “Ma” appeared in the All-American Comics as the mother of the boy Scribbly who worshipped Green Lantern.  

As Red Tornado, she came up against a criminal protection gang that was bothering the neighbourhood and was successful in getting rid of them. Her costume consisted of red long-johns, a cape and a saucepan.  

Wonder Woman is even more famous and started to appear in comics in late 1941. She is a super heroine created by an American named William Marston. 

Wonder Woman is known as a Princess of the Amazons found in Greek Mythology. She was created (and I quote) as a  “distinctly feminist role model whose mission was to bring the Amazon ideals of love, peace and sexual equality to a world torn by the hatred of men”. It’s quite amazing that the desire for equality amongst females and males was so prominent in the 1940s.  

In her homeland, Wonder Woman was known as Diana of Themyscira. She had many powers which included superhuman strength, the ability to take flight, super speed, agility and stamina. She is extremely capable in hand-to-hand combat and tactical warfare. She has animal-like cunning and can even communicate with animals. 

Wonder Woman is really a marvellous superhero who uses a “Lasso of Truth” which compels those bound by it to tell the truth. She also uses a pair of indestructible bracelets, a tiara which serves as a projectile and an invisible airplane. 

She is a feminist icon and the most popular of the female superheroes in comics. and she is very attractive according to western culture. 

original Superman comicA superhero is defined as someone who possesses one or all of the primary powers which are having superior strength that is super-human, being invulnerable, and being able to fly and take flight when necessary.

When a hero has all three of these super powers they are considered to be the most powerful of all the superhero types.

Some of the most powerful superheroes are Superman who was also said to be extra-terrestrial; Thor the god; Captain Marvel the magician; and the Gladiator. Some were also photokinetic which means they could use their mind to change light particles and bend light to turn invisible or to create optical illusions or create heat and flames or freeze rays and ice.

Superheroes are “larger than life” characters and are products of both fantasy and science fiction that actually address the fundamental questions of belief. They are set in today’s modern, gritty world. The science fiction heroes include Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and Hulk. The fantasy type heroes include Wonder Woman, Thor, and Green Lantern.

Popular fiction also created heroes in characters like Tarzan, the Lone Ranger, the Shadow, James Bond and Sherlock Holmes who were all superheroes in their own right, whether they were costumed or not. Legendary heroes and those from mythology were also considered superheroes such as Moses, Hercules, Krishna, Beowulf and King Arthur. Clearly, gods and knights keep reappearing as super-heroes.

It’s interesting that superhero stories are actually the very colorful “fairy tales” of today that involve a lot of fantasy and they’re taking the place of the folklore and legendary heros, the gods and demi-gods, warriors and knights of old. They definitely have hold of our imagination as characters who have the ability to create a lot of good in the world and take charge of very serious, worldly issues.

Feminine superheroes were first known to be created in the 1940s, a while after their male counterparts. They were fascinating and had superpowers that fought crime and evil using their powers of invisibility and transformation. A fair number emerged beginning with an ageless, female Egyptian woman named Fantomah; the invisible super heroine Scarlet O’Neil; the Black Widow; and Nelvana of the Northern Lights, to name but a few.

Other female counterparts of the prominent male superheroes came about in the late 1950s and included Hawkgirl, Supergirl and Batwoman. Batgirl was introduced a little while later and she eventually evolved into another hero called Oracle.

One of the most popular and widely recognized female superheroes was Wonder Woman. She was created by an American psychologist by the name of William Moulton Marston, his wife Elizabeth and friend Olive Byrne.

Eventually, many superhero characters shed the traditional superhero garments for clothing that seemed more practical, civilian or military style garb. In the 1990s the costume styles were reinforced with shoulder, knee, and elbow padding. Additional accessories like heavy duty belts and military ammunition pouches became commonplace. Kevlar-like vests, which are bullet proof vests, and metal-plated armor were also added to outfits.

Capes added an extra flair and although a large majority of superheroes do not wear them, the cape is still widely associated with them, perhaps because two of the most popular heroes, Batman and Superman have magnificent capes flowing behind them while in flight.

Children particularly love the capes and will pretend to take flight as they jump off of small objects like stones or benches, emulating their favorite superhero.

The original superheroes were commonly cast as the stereotypical white, tall and handsome, upper class, professional male between the ages of 20 to 35. In the 1960s this mold eventually became more diversified in terms of ethnic background, a very important aspect of the evolution of superheroes.

Most of the superheroes as well as super-villains have a base or secret headquarters from which they operate. Their locations are well equipped with the latest and greatest technologies to surprise and fight off the enemy. Their disguised locales are kept highly secretive in an attempt to stop detection by enemies and prying eyes or interference from the general public. The heroes and villains who do not have permanent headquarters usually have a mobile, movable base of operations and can literally operate from anywhere.

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